Joe Manchin Explains Why He Won't Support Reconciliation Package and What It Will Take to Change His Mind

Joe Manchin Explains Why He Won’t Support Reconciliation Package and What It Will Take to Change His Mind

Senator Joe Manchin told the press today that he will not support the massive spending bill put forth by Democrats and the Biden-Harris regime until he and all on Capitol Hill have a full understanding of the effects it will have on the debt and inflation.

“Throughout the last three months I have been straightforward about my concerns that I will not support the reconciliation package that expands social programs and irresponsibly adds to our $29 trillion in national debt that no one seems to really care about, or even talk about.

“Nor will I support a package that risks hurting American families suffering from historic inflation. Simply put, I will not support a bill that is this consequential without thoroughly understanding the impact that it will have on our national debt, our economy, and most importantly all of our American people.

“Every elected representative needs to know what they are voting for and the impact it has, not only on their constituents but the entire country.”

Rumors have circulated that Manchin has considered switching parties. He has denied these rumors, but every week he seems to be more fiscally responsible than at least half of the Republicans on Capitol Hill. I’d gladly trade him for Mitt Romney, Lisa Murkowski, or any of the other RINOs who continue to do harm to the party and the nation.

We will see if Manchin stands strong against the pressure. He left the door open to supporting the monstrous bill if he can gain a complete understanding of their impact. If history tells us anything, it’s that he’s likely holding out for some trickle of compromise. Whether this is just delaying the inevitable or if it’s going to force Democrats to rethink their Neo-Marxist position remains to be seen.

Here’s the full speech:


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