Jim Jordan Delivers Cold, Hard Truth About Leftist Actions: “It’s About Intimidation”

Conservative Congressman Jim Jordan has always had a way of making points that stick. It’s part of his massive success on Capitol Hill because his speaking skills combine emotion and facts in ways that few in Congress have mastered.

Today’s delivery about the left’s tendency to use intimidation in pretty much everything they do is the latest in a long line of excellent arguments made in committee. Watch:

It’s so true. When Democrats in Washington DC and leftists across the nation do not like an outcome, they don’t make valid arguments. They simply turn to intimidation, threats, cancel culture, and often outright violence.

The left’s arguments defending unrestricted abortion no longer stand in light of both moral and scientific understanding. As Jim Jordan noted, the leaked draft opinion on Roe v Wade is a win across the board.

“I hope the draft opinion is the final opinion because it’s a win for logic. It’s a win for the Constitution. Most importantly, it’s a win for the sanctity of human life. Finally, I hope the attempt to intimidate the court ends now.”