“Jim Crow 2.0” Massively Debunked, Which Should Cast Doubt on EVERY Claim by Democrats Today

For months, we heard Democrats and their corporate media lapdogs claim the various voter integrity laws being passed in red and purple states were going to stifle votes. “Voter suppression” was the most-used term by CNN and MSNBC talking heads, but it was only the second-most-used term by Democrat politicians like Joe Biden, Stacey Abrams, and Tim Ryan.

“Jim Crow 2.0” was the most common term used by leftist politicians, and it has completely, unambiguously been debunked in spectacular fashion. According to Fox News:

Continued record voter turnout in Georgia following the Biden administration’s lawsuit against the state alleging racist voting practices and the president’s accusation that the system is “Jim Crow 2.0” has at least one Georgia election official looking for an apology from the administration.

“How many turnout records do we have to break before Stacey Abrams and President Biden apologize to Georgia?” Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, told Fox News Digital in a statement Friday after his office released numbers showing a continued surge in voting in the Peach State.

This is far worse than Democrats getting a prediction very wrong. It happens, especially to a party that bases its policies on the advice of TikTok influencers while trying to turn everything woke. But this wasn’t just getting something wrong. They were so impassioned in their fight against voter integrity that any thinking American must start questioning everything they say.

The Biden-Harris regime, plus Democrats like Stacey Abrams and Tim Ryan, were absolutely 100% CERTAIN these voter integrity laws would suppress minority votes. Corporate media echoed the prophecy. All claims they make going forward should be scrutinized with the assumption that they’re wrong.

If there’s a red wave next month, Democrats won’t be able to blame Jim Crow 2.0. According to Jeff Charles at Red State, they have something else already being cooked up. As is invariably the case, the left will turn to the only card they’re comfortable playing at any given moment: Racism.

Nevertheless, this will not be enough to blame voter suppression for the massive losses Democrats will probably take in November. So how will the party, along with their comrades in the activist media explain its defeat?

I think MSNBC media activist Joy Reid gave us a clue.

RedState’s Mike Miller wrote about how she explained why Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has become popular with Hispanic voters. On Saturday, she tweeted:

The left has been labeling the Proud Boys as a white supremacist organization for years. Of course, this does not mean much as they label any organization or individual who disagrees with them as white supremacists. But she is essentially claiming that Hispanics in Miami-Dade have bought into white supremacy, which is why they are supporting DeSantis.

White supremacy will be the excuse they use for their losses. Yes, they might still try to resurrect the Jim Crow 2.0 narrative, but it will not be their primary scapegoat. The Democrats will claim they lost because of racism, sexism, transphobia, and all the usual suspects. Since they cannot admit where they went wrong, they will fall back on their typical habits.

It won’t be because they caused the economic woes that most Americans are dealing with. It won’t be because they are weak on the crime issue. The failure to handle the migrant crisis won’t even come up in their circles. It will be white supremacy, pure and simple. Even when the polls taken afterward show how many racial minorities voted against them, they will claim it is bigotry that brought about their defeat.

The 2024 presidential campaign will start shortly after the midterms and white supremacy is what they will run on. They have nothing else to base their campaigns on, and it is unlikely that 2023 will give them much ammo. Unfortunately for them, this strategy is not going to pay the dividends that it once did in the past. As of now, the Democrats’ future is rather bleak.

A used car sales manager once told me, “I didn’t think you were stupid, but if you were I didn’t want to miss you.” That mentality has become standard operating procedure for Democrats this election cycle.

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