Jesse Kelly

Jesse Kelly’s “Over the Top” Advice to Republicans Is Sound, Reasonable, and Necessary

“Or once again, you’ll come to me in ten years and tell me you should have listened,” conservative commentator Jesse Kelly said on Twitter near the end of a long rant directed at Republicans who are somehow shocked that the radical left is unhinged.

He’s right. If the GOP continues with business-as-usual in their preferred role as opposition bellyachers who don’t actually have to do anything other than fundraise and shoot skeet, we will no longer be a nation worth preserving. We need bold action. In some ways, we need to start calling plays from the George Soros playbook. And that’s the point that Kelly was trying to make in his epic Twitter thread:

Leftists will continue to steal elections, release violent criminals, arrest political opponents, demonize patriots, control the narrative, and destroy this nation until real actions are taken against them. Will the GOP learn this before it’s too late?