Jesse Kelly Rants Like There's No Tomorrow and He's Probably Right

Jesse Kelly Rants Like There’s No Tomorrow and He’s Probably Right

I take no pleasure in being one of the unheeded voices screaming that lockdowns, face masks, and the shuttering of the economy were bad ideas. As we fall into the worst fiscal crisis in history, there is no solace in knowing that we were right to be screaming last year while most Americans accepted their forced vacation to get fat and catch up on Netflix.

Jesse Kelly from The First was even more outspoken from the beginning. He was hammering people on both sides of the aisle who thought “15 Days to Slow the Spread” was a good idea that totally wouldn’t turn into a permanent economic dystopia. Now, we’re seeing the collapse happening before our eyes and it may be too late to stop it.

His thread on the topic is a must-read, even if it seems to be too late to stop the coming crash:

PRO TIP: If you’re mad about inflation but you supported stopping an economy for a virus, go find a mirror. That’s who you should blame. The rest of us will watch this carnage with at least a little inner peace of knowing we tried to stop it.

As I probably said about a thousand times last year when everyone told me I was a heartless grandma killer; panic has a cost. And the cost is higher than you can imagine. We’re all about to find that out together.

“15 days to slow the spread” was always stupid. And if you supported it, you should feel stupid. Standing 6 feet away from everyone is stupid. Your dumb mask is stupid. You do not just stop the gears that make a society move. Ever. Not for anything. The show must go on.

“If it saves one life!” is stupid. If you ever said that, you’re stupid. The economy of a nation is what builds the nation. Your hospitals, military, roads, science, innovation. All made possible by your economy. It’s worth far more than one life. In fact, it’s priceless.

We not only stopped vital parts of our economy, we told the people who complained that they were murderers. Then Democrats AND Republicans started passing trillion dollar bills so morons could chuck money into the system like a monkey with a handful of poop. Really brilliant.

And the worst part of this entire affair for me personally, now that the real pain is almost here, is the pundit-politician class on the Right. You’re the ONE group in possession of enough knowledge to maybe have stopped this whole thing. You were yelling about the sky falling.

And now, we are in MAJOR trouble. And nothing can stop it now. The boat is filling with water and the people who lead this nation are not only not bailing it out, they’re actively making the hole in our side bigger. Buckle up for some rough times. That’s all.

We are on the verge of oblivion. The financial walls are closing in on us and it seems like nobody’s lifting a finger to do anything about it. Jesse Kelly thinks we’re stupid for not recognizing this long ago. He’s right.