Jenna Ellis Tells the Brutal Truth About Public Schools

Jenna Ellis Tells the Brutal Truth About Public Schools

There are millions of American families who have no choice but to send their children to public schools. Financial circumstances in our crumbling economy make it challenging if not impossible for many parents to either homeschool or send their children to private schools. I want to make it clear that I appreciate the disheartening situation many parents who oppose public school indoctrination have to go through as they choose between food on the table or indoctrinators in their children’s heads.

I’ve been there. Our first child was in public schools for a while until we could afford to homeschool. We were blessed to have more options for our other children and we are grateful that our first child’s teachers were not like the “woke” social justice teachers of today. With that said, any parent with the means to either homeschool or send their children to a good private school should NOT, under any circumstances, put their children through the brainwashing they’ll get in modern day government-funded schools.

Former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis explained in a single Tweet what sending your kids to public school really means for their education. It’s not just about the facts they learn from the books and lessons. It’s the reality that today’s government-funded educators have taken it upon themselves to help raise our children.

“As long as you send your children to government funded schools, you will always co-parent with the government.”

For those who are forced to use the public school system, it is imperative that they stay extremely involved in their children’s education. Find out what they’re being taught. Establish enough trust with them to circumvent as much of the indoctrination they receive as possible. Be aware of not only what they’re being taught by their teachers but also the programs that are designed to sway them to a “woke” worldview. Nearly everything that comes out of today’s public school system is rife with Cultural Marxism.

The only way to prevent our children from being brainwashed is to stop sending them to the brainwashers. It’s not an easy path for most parents, but if a way can be found to keep them out of government-funded indoctrination centers, parents should do whatever it takes to find it.