Jen Psaki Leads Cringeworthy Happy Birthday Song with Lying Corporate Press

Jen Psaki Leads Cringeworthy Happy Birthday Song with BFFs in Corporate Press

There are many reasons to dislike White House Press Secretary Jen “Circle-Back” Psaki. We can add her tone-deaf singing to the list as she led reporters in wishing Happy Birthday to Reuters journalist Steve Holland.

As Dave Rubin noted from Michael Malice, this isn’t a good thing. “The corporate press is the enemy of the people.”

There are much more important issues to report on than this playful moment, but one thing was striking. The corporate press have handled Psaki and the entire Biden regime very differently than they did with the Trump administration. In fact, they’re acting differently than they did under Barack Obama, and that’s concerning.

They aren’t just using kids’ gloves on this regime. They’re feeling and expressing a sense of comradery, and that simply cannot be the status of a free press in America. They don’t have to be adversarial as they were with Trump’s people, but there needs to be a separation that simply doesn’t exist today. They’re all one, big radical progressive family with no pushback and no willingness to expose the truth. That weakens America and today’s show reiterated that clearly.

We don’t need a press that’s friendly with the White House. We need one that will hold them accountable, and today’s American mainstream media will not fill that role for the people.