Jen “Circle Back” Psaki Was Awful, But Karine “I Don’t Have Anything” Jean-Pierre Is Even Worse

How bad does someone have to be at their job as White House Press Secretary to make Jen Psaki look pretty good? They would have to be Karine Jean-Pierre bad, which (hopefully) is as bad as it gets.

The inexperienced and often unprepared press secretary has taken an embarrassing Biden-Harris regime and fit in perfectly as the media’s incompetent liaison. She even has a catch-phrase that she repeats over and over… AND OVER AGAIN.

There may only be one other person in the White House who has even less of a grasp on what’s happening in America. Unfortunately, that person sometimes sits in the Oval Office when he’s busy not taking questions from the press. In that regard, Jean-Pierre fits perfectly with this regime.

It’s not just that they are stupid. They are banking on us being stupid. They’re going so far as to redefine what a “recession” is and getting Big Tech to help them rewrite history Watch:

This is not a serious White House. This is a clown show, and with the worst president in history being led on a leash by his handlers, it’s fitting that we now have the worst White House Press Secretary to represent him.