Jeff Bezos Disassembles Braindead Biden’s Gas Inflation Tweet

The message from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos to the White House came down to a binary choice: Are you lying or are you stupid?

The Biden regime used his Twitter account to post this:

My message to the companies running gas stations and setting prices at the pump is simple: this is a time of war and global peril. Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you’re paying for the product. And do it now.

Bezos replied correctly:

Ouch. Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this. It’s either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.

Bezos wasn’t the only one who went after the original Tweet, but he may be the most noteworthy as he has been a friend of the Democrats for his entire public life. In recent weeks, he has soured on the regime with this latest Tweet being the clearest indicator that he’s willing to put reality ahead of allegiance.