Jedediah Bila Responds Triumphantly After 'The View' Hosts Go Vaxx-Nanny on Her

Jedediah Bila Responds Triumphantly After ‘The View’ Hosts Go Vaxx-Nanny on Her

When Jedediah Bila returned to The View, this time as a guest, she thought she was just coming on to talk about her new book, “Dear Hartley.” What she didn’t expect was for her former colleagues to attack her for her stance against medical tyranny and her status as unvaccinated.

As Kelen McBreen on Infowars reported:

The catfight began when longtime co-host Joy Behar asked Bila why she has decided to forgo the Covid jab. Behar cited debatable CDC statistics claiming the vaccinated are less likely to be hospitalized or die from Covid before asking, “So, why didn’t you get it?”

Bila answered by sharing her personal story, which is that she has a medical exemption from her doctor as well as strong natural immunity as proven by the physician.

“I’m also not a risk to any of you,” she continued, adding, “My point about all of this is that I am not anti-vax. What I really want is for people to make these decisions for themselves. I want every one of you to sit with your family members, to sit with your trusted doctors and to say, ‘What is the best decision for me?’”

Regarding vaccine mandates, Bila told viewers, “I do oppose mandates. I oppose them on the fact that… let’s look at the science. This is a vaccine that was created to prevent severity of disease and to prevent hospitalizations. But the vaccine does not prevent you from getting Covid and it does not prevent you from transmitting Covid.”

I had the opportunity to interview Bila following the attacks she suffered at the hands of her former colleagues. She gave her response to The View and discussed her new book, Dear Hartley, which is available right now. While always professional, it was clear that she was not happy with the way The View hosts treated her, cutting her off constantly as she attempted to explain he stances.

I asked her what she would like to say to them since they didn’t give her an opportunity to respond to their attacks. Instead of letting emotion get the best of her, she applied the same scientific understanding that unambiguously backs those who do not believe in the mandates.

“Compassion needs to go all ways, and I am compassionate to people who want to get vaccinated, who feel that’s the best recourse, but again, is the vaccine protective?” she asked. “Because if the vaccine is protective, then why are you worried about me? And if the vaccine isn’t protective, then why do you want me to get it too?”

It’s a fair point. And every time someone who is in favor of vaccine mandates is asked that question, they do just as the hosts of The View did to Bila. They spout off something that the CDC or FDA or Anthony Fauci said that does not address the question directly. They might say the vaccines reduce one’s chance of hospitalization or death. If that’s the case, and the science is getting murkier on the subject lately, then it still does not back a mandate that’s supposed to protect others. Only slowing or stopping the spread of the disease could be evidence of mandate efficacy, and that’s simply not the case.

Bila continued:

“Pick a side, here. And again, my argument rests really solely on the mandates because that affects me. It’s affected my book tour. I had a lot of appearances I was supposed to do. In fact, today would have been my third day co-hosting The View talking about this beautiful book that I wrote to kind of get everyone thinking and talking again. There’s a lot of appearances I couldn’t do as a result of this unscientific nonsense.”

Indeed, it is unscientific nonsense. If science were really in play, then those with natural immunity, which is far superior to any protections offered by the jabs, would be treated with equal or even better privileges than the vaccinated. Bila, who has been infected and regularly has herself tested for antibodies, highlighted this as she pointed out why it’s not about science at all.

“I could go get a Covid test, come back negative, have the immunity that I have, and I can’t walk into a restaurant,” she said. “There could be someone in that restaurant with a little card that says they were vaxxed, who happens to have symptomatic infection at that moment and is spreading it. This is not grounded in science. It’s grounded in politics.”

The medical tyranny spreading across America is a construct that is based solely on political considerations. The science has been thrown out the window as segregation rears its ugly head.