Jay Leno Has the Take on “The Slap” That Every American Should Have

Comedian Jay Leno has learned over his career that getting political or even simply too opinionated about controversial topics doesn’t make for good comedy. He’s tried it and failed. He even noted how he knew Rodney Dangerfield for 50 years and couldn’t tell you if he was a Republican or Democrat because politics never entered into his routines.

But Leno took a rare turn to discuss the Will Smith slap against Chris Rock. Unlike the virtue signalers who were interviewed to express their strong condemnation of the slap itself, Leno dove into what he believes is the root cause of the aggression.

“Can we come to the agreement, look open marriages don’t work, okay,” he said during an interview with WPTV earlier this month. “I’m sorry, you know, if you want to screw around just screw around. Let’s not pretend, ‘oh, open marriages…’ I’ve never seen one of those work out.”

Smith is known to have an open marriage with Jada Pinkett Smith. Their relationship does not seem to be healthy and hasn’t been for a long time. In fact, his wife had noted in the past that she was reluctant to marry the fellow actor in the first place.

To Leno, Smith’s slap wasn’t the biggest problem during the Oscar night outburst.

“Will is a good guy,” Leno said. “I’ve known him a long time. And it wasn’t the slap that bothered me, because that’s reaction. It was in the chair yelling the obscenities.”

After slapping Rock, Smith screamed from the crowd at him.

Here’s the interview: