Jan 6 Witch Hunt Seattle Confiscating Phones, Bank Statements, Personal Documents from Their Own Police (1)

Jan 6 Witch Hunt: Seattle Confiscating Phones, Bank Statements, Personal Documents from Their Own Police

The Democrats in the radical leftist city of Seattle, Washington, truly hate law enforcement. Seriously, they hate cops. But if there’s one group within their own law enforcement ranks that they hate more than others, it’s those who supported President Trump. Seattle politicians REALLY hate those folks.

In a move that can only be described as absolute insanity, the city’s internal investigation into the January 6 Capitol “Riots” has gone full draconian on their own law enforcement officers, forcing them to hand over their cell phones, bank statements, and personal documents as they expand the witch hunt into the “insurrection” that Democrats so desperately want to be a thing. According to The Post Millennial:

Six Seattle police officers are under an extreme investigation by Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes and Office of Police Accountability (OPA) Director Andrew Myerberg for being in DC on January 6, the same day of the riot at the US Capitol.

Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes is forcing the six Seattle police officers to “turn over phone data, personal documents, and bank statements in relation to the investigation,” an extreme witch-hunt that is in direct violation of labor laws and guild contracts, a source told The Post Millennial.

Sources within the Seattle Police Department told The Post Millennial that the Seattle Police Officers Guild briefed the department on Wednesday informing them of the unlawful investigation by Holmes and Myerberg.

The OPA has so far failed to find the officers culpable of any wrongdoing in DC on January 6, as the officers maintain they were there for the Trump rally and not involved in the riot and no evidence has been presented to the contrary. As a result Holmes is now attempting to possess their personal property in a blatant unlawful attempt to convict the officers.

This may be the most outrageous thing the city of Seattle has done to their own law enforcement, and that’s saying a lot considering how badly they’ve treated them. It’s among the many reasons that 260 cops have already fled Seattle in recent months.

But this is worse than just potentially illegal and in direct violation of labor laws and guild contracts. The extent to which they’re engaging in this witch hunt is so draconian, one has to question whether this is really about enforcing the law or about pure intimidation of those who dare to not fall in line with leftist groupthink. According to The Post Millennial:

“If the officers refuse, they will have to refuse a direct order, which then constitutes punishment ranging from suspension to�also no surprise, firing,” said a source within the Seattle Police Department.

Although Pete Holmes through these actions is in direct violation of the officers’ rights and is subject to legal battles after the investigation, it�s evident he is using every means necessary to find evidence to convict the officers; even if it�s something as simple as a city policy violation unrelated to the incident.

The disgraced Seattle City Attorney has cultivated a society in Seattle run by criminal lawlessness and disorder. His failure to prosecute criminals has put the entire Seattle community in danger as homicides and violent crimes skyrocket due to his catch-and-release policies.

For a city that glorifies the violence Antifa and Black Lives Matter engages in on a nightly basis without repercussions, it’s a terrible insult to law enforcement and the citizens they protect for Seattle to go so extreme on their Jan 6 “investigation.”

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