James Woods

James Woods: “Everything That’s Wrong With Our Government in One Photo . . .”

When James Woods is right, he’s very right. The good news is he’s rarely wrong which makes his Twitter account one of the must-follows on the platform. The bad news is he’s usually pointing out fallacies in government that demonstrate just how dysfunctional Washington DC really is.

Case-in-point: This post that reads, “Everything that’s wrong with our government in one photo…”


The level of comfort between “opponents” in the UniParty Swamp is not a good thing. Proponents of “bipartisanship” have yet to learn what that really means. Anything that Democrats can accept as a “concession” has about a 3% chance of being beneficial for Americans. Meanwhile, the negatives they bring to the table are untenable.

This is why it’s a great thing that people like President Donald Trump are hated by Democrats. Any Republican who can “reach across the aisle” and work with Democrats to make things happen is a member of the UniParty Swamp and should never be trusted.

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