Transvestite Inmates

James O’Keefe: Whistleblowing Female Inmates Being “Raped With Impunity” by Men Pretending to Be Transvestites

The latest bombshell from O’Keefe Media Group and James O’Keefe will turn your stomach. Whistleblowers are coming forward to tell their stories as female inmates forced to live with men in Washington state. Many of these male criminals were sex offenders already. Now, they’re being served fresh victims who have no recourse other than to try to get sent to solitary confinement where they can be safe.


As the whistleblowers noted, most of these men pretending to be women aren’t confused. They’re just taking advantage of a woke system that is at war with women whether they’re in jail or not. Sadly, those who are stuck in cells with men face rape and possible murder on a nightly basis.

The absolute lunacy of the Trans-Supremacy movement has massive consequences in the real world. But in women’s prisons, it’s these criminals pretending to be transvestites who are living the dream with captive victims at their disposal.