James O'Keefe Sends Mark Zuckerberg a Message_ 'Please Do' Ban Me Ahead of Blockbuster Whistleblower Drop

James O’Keefe Sends Mark Zuckerberg a Message: ‘Please Do’ Ban Me Ahead of Blockbuster Whistleblower Drop

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe has another blockbuster whistleblower video being released Wednesday. But Big Tech tyrant Facebook is limiting his account and threatening to remove it altogether. His message for CEO Mark Zuckerberg: “Please do.”

O’Keefe joined Steve Bannon on War Room earlier. Instead of threatening lawsuits or backlash as many do when Facebook bans or threatens to ban them, O’Keefe played in the other direction.

“Please do ban me because then the whole world will tune in on Wednesday to see this person sit down on the record with me. Please do ban me because then we can make this Biblical together. So please do play right into my strategy this week, Mark Zuckerberg, and remove me from Facebook because I know you just struck my account here under what’s called an ‘account warning.’ Please do.”

The cowardly authoritarians at Fascistbook likely will ban O’Keefe and others following recent attacks on the company. They have a track record for lashing out when provoked, and a recent whistleblower followed by a massive outage already have them scrambling. Will they take it out on O’Keefe? We’ll see.