GOP Debate

Jack Posobiec Firebombs Feckless GOP Presidential Candidates Who Claim They Will Take on the Deep State

Wednesday night’s GOP debate was not the standout moment that all of the candidates had hoped to have. Early reactions have been mostly negative with few bright spots and no clear breakthrough moments that were desperately needed for them to stay relevant.

Conservative commentator Jack Posobiec noted that a huge opportunity was missed. The leader of the party is under attack from multiple fronts as the Deep State tries to take President Donald Trump down. How did the GOP candidates handle this attack against the party and the nation?

According to Posobiec, not well:

Weird how Biden is jailing the leader of the Republican Party and Democrat judges are dissolving his business and no one the GOP primary debate seems to have noticed But sure they’ll totally take on the deep state

All of the other candidates appear to be playing for the leftovers. They’re trying to appeal to the shrinking minority of Republican voters who do not want Trump to be the nominee. But even if one of them could consolidate the Never-Trump vote, it’s still a small portion compared to the growing number of Republicans who see Trump favorably.

In other words, it’s a losing strategy. Any of them would have a better chance of being the replacement nominee should the Deep State take Trump down if they would defend Trump today. Instead, they’re all still fighting for the same anti-Trump voters.

Let’s call it what it is. The only thing that can prevent Donald Trump from being the nominee is the Deep State. If he is allowed to be the nominee, he WILL be the nominee. It’s telling that other Republican candidates are hoping for a Deep State victory.