Jack Posobiec Exposes George H.W. Bush’s Evil Deal With the ChiComs: “Globalism Was Born From the Bloody Cobblestones of Tiananmen Square”

The Chinese Communist Party is by far the greatest threat to the United States of any government across the globe. They challenge us financially. They challenge us militarily. They are quickly becoming the only other superpower and many other nations of the world are looking to them to replace western hegemony.

As political commentator Jack Posobiec pointed out in a recent video for Real America’s Voice, President George H.W. Bush had an opportunity to bring the Chinese Communist Party to their knees. Instead, he saw a business opportunity and a way to spawn modern day globalism. He took that option and the world has been paying the price ever since. Watch:


Communism is withering and dying across the world. But that’s not what happens in China. No, not at all. Because just one month after the Tiananmen Square massacre, the president of the United States at the time, George H.W. Bush, sends his National Security advisor General Scowcroft, on a secret mission to China.

Now George H.W. Bush, prior to becoming president, had been the CIA director, but prior to that he had also been America’s special envoy to China. It’s true. And he’d always had big plans for China. He saw what was going on in the 1970s and he looked at it through the lens of business and realized, “Why knock over the Chinese Communist Party when you could make them make a deal?”

Because the United States and the Western system, the Western world, could have destroyed the CCP at that instant. They had no power. We could have cut off trade, we could have done everything that we did to Russia when they invaded Ukraine and China would’ve been finished, or at least the CCP would’ve been finished. They would’ve been done for.

But no, because what George H.W. Bush and his successor, Bill Clinton, did throughout the 1990s was to form a new deal with the CCP, a secret pact. The CCP would continue opening up and they’d be… they would continue to be the leaders of China and the West would support them the same way the West had supported the U.S.S.R. in its early days and helped to industrialize the nation.

The west would continue to industrialize China through their finances, through foreign direct investment, and in exchange, they would provide slave labor. In exchange, Western firms would be allowed to supply the capital, supply the intellectual property, but the goods that would be made would be made for slave wages and sent all around the world. This was the birth of a system that today we call globalism. Globalism was born from the bloody cobblestones of Tiananmen Square.

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