Jack Posobiec Explains the Real Agenda Behind Abortion, Gender Wars, and Pretty Much Everything Else the Left Is Pushing

There are clear connections between the various agendas the radical left has been pushing in the United States for a long time. These agendas are becoming more clear as they merge toward a single, almost inescapable endgame scenario. According to Human Events’ Jack Posobiec, it all leads to transhumanism.

They want you to redefine human life as just electrical impulses and chemicals. This is predictive programming. They are building the platform for the transhumanist agenda.

It makes sense. If we examine their arguments for many of their key issues, it all comes down to the notion that we are not miraculously created individuals living in a miraculously created world. Whether they’re arguing in favor of killing babies, mutilating the sexual organs of children, or advancing their climate change narrative, they invariably come back to the notion that “science” says we’re not beings who have had the breath of life breathed into us by a supreme supernatural God. They say we’re here as the result of chemical reactions, that our intellect and life functions are just electrical impulses, and therefore we are insignificant in the collectivist worldview.

This is nihilism on steroids. It’s an abomination against the creation.

It’s a lie against the Creator.

For people to willfully embrace the transhumanist agenda, they have to believe they will not lose anything from it. That means they must be convinced there is no soul to lose to the machinations of elites who want to replace God.

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