Jack Posobiec Detained

Journalist Jack Posobiec and His Film Crew Detained by Armed Police in Davos

While covering the World Economic Forum’s Davos Summit, journalist Jack Posobiec and his film crew were detained. Watch:

The annual meeting of globalists at the WEF’s summit is a magnet for journalists in hopes of reporting the decisions that were made. Many of those decisions involved leaders in government and business as the elites try to plan what they want to do with the world.

According to Timcast:

“They said we were ‘suspicious’ because we were filming at the entrance,” Posobiec told Timcast.

The journalist and crew were released after independent reporter Savanah Hernandez showed up and began filming.

Posobiec later joked about the situation, urging followers to purchase a My Pillow — as his promotion of the company has become a meme.

This is breaking news and we will update this story when more information comes available.