Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand and WEF Graduate, Just Visited the Headquarters of New World Order Funders at BlackRock

The Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, popped in for a visit with BlackRock, the globalist asset management firm that owns much of the business world. They have over $11 trillion in assets under management, making them more economically powerful than the vast majority of nations.

This report from New Zealand media comically positions Ardern as the one with power in the exchange. She is a pawn doing the bidding of the New World Order.

Some may believe this is no big deal, that a world leader making a stop at a globalist mega-corporation is just a day in the life. But Ardern, who is a graduate of Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum indoctrination school, also known as Young Global Leaders Initiative, has been central to the New World Order’s plans to bring western society to heel. Her draconian Covid policies were benchmarks for authoritarians who wanted to see just how much control a “democracy” could hold over the people.

Connecting with the puppet masters at BlackRock out in the open bodes ill for the world. After all, Ardern is a Neo-Marxist and the world isn’t supposed to know they’re living in George Orwell’s Animal Farm where the “revolutionaries” are actually in bed with the capitalists. To come out in broad daylight for a closed-door meeting with the biggest financer of the globalist elites signals the current stance that they don’t care what we think we know.

Things are moving very quickly and the vast majority of Americans are still asleep. The crap is going to hit the fan soon. It behooves as many of us as possible to be alert and prepared for whatever is to come.