JD Vance

J.D. Vance Wins Big in Ohio

It’s official. Trump-backed J.D. Vance has won the Ohio election for U.S. Senate, defeating Democrat Congressman Tim Ryan. It was expected to be a very close race but Vance was up by 7-points with 84% of the vote counted.

Senator Josh Hawley welcomed him:

The victory was a key win for Republicans who needed to hold the seat to improve their chances of retaking control of the Senate. As of the posting of this article, tight races in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, and Wisconsin are hurting their chances. Arizona, Nevada, and Washington are also still in play.

Vance, a venture capitalist and former employee of Peter Theil, rose to fame with his 2016 book, “Hillbilly Elegy,” which detailed white poverty and addiction in Appalachia. Initially part of the “Never Trump” movement, he later embraced Donald Trump and earned his primary election endorsement.

Now, he’ll be a United States Senator. Congratulations, sir.