JD Vance

J.D. Vance Reminds Democrats About Eric Holder, Warns Pelosi Is “Playing With Fire”

Ten years ago, the Department of Justice decided not to indict Eric Holder for ignoring a congressional subpoena. Yesterday, Steve Bannon was found guilty of the same charges. But as Trump-backed Senate candidate J.D. Vance noted on Twitter, the Democrats are playing with fire. If they really want to open the door to congressional subpoenas having real consequences, they’re going to learn to regret it.

According to Vance:

The DOJ didn’t indict Eric Holder when he ignored a congressional subpoena, but did to Steve Bannon. His real crime is that he consistently calls out the globalization that has hollowed out American industry and attacked American culture. Nancy Pelosi is playing with fire here.

He’s absolutely right. Bannon was found guilty over his ideology and the nefarious forces that he opposes, not for the actual “crime” he committed.

The “crime” Bannon committed was technically equal to Holder’s, but Holder’s crime was far more dangerous to America. “Fast and Furious” posed a risk to American lives and Holder was directly involved. Bannon had essentially nothing to do with what transpired on January 6. Their crimes are not equal, yet the lesser is the one that prompted actual consequences simply because Bannon is not a Democrat protected by the Deep State.