Kari Lake Julian Assange

It’s Julian Assange’s Birthday and Kari Lake has a Three-Word Message for the World

“Free Julian Assange.” — Kari Lake

“People have a right to know and a right to question and challenge power, that’s true democracy” — Julian Assange

Wikileaks founder and current political prisoner Julian Assange is one of the most polarizing persons in the world. Some claim he’s an information terrorist and a danger to western nations, including the United States. Others see him as a persecuted hero who exposed the “wrong” governments and is now having to pay the price for telling the truth.

Wherever one stands on the Assange opinion spectrum, it’s undeniable that he has changed the world as well as the state of journalism. Unfortunately, his opening of the floodgates of whistleblowers and leakers has also forced countermeasures by most government. They have tightened information control and engaged in full-blown censorship, laughably in the name of “preserving freedom.”

Happy Birthday, Mr. Assange. Thank you, Kari Lake, for taking a bold position on this polarizing figure.