Homeless Veteran

“It’s a Fire Sale”: Prepper All-Naturals Launches Campaign for the Most American Reason Ever

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The news has been filled with reports that illegal aliens are receiving taxpayer-funded housing, food, and cash disbursements. Even corporate media is talking about it as citizens cry foul. Americans are struggling and many who are in dire need are not receiving nearly as much assistance as those who have stolen our sovereignty.

Veterans in particular have been hit hard by the poor economy and strained support systems. As a combat disabled veteran himself, Prepper All-Naturals co-founder Jason Nelson has had enough.

“While D.C. argues over who’s to blame for the problem, homeless vets aren’t getting help,” he said. “When a government is unable or unwilling to render aid, it’s up to the people to step up. In fact, we should always step up and assume government isn’t here to help.”

His company sells long-term storage cuts of steak, including Ribeye, NY Strip, and Tenderloin. Their all-American beef is cooked sous vide, then freeze dried to allow a 25-year shelf life. They do not use preservatives or any chemicals at all. In fact, their product has only one ingredient — beef from cattle that was born and raised in Texas.

For a limited time, Prepper All-Naturals will hold a “fire sale” through a deep discount of 25% with promo code “veteran25“. Not only will their customers enjoy dramatically reduced pricing, but a portion of every sale will be donated to a charity that supports U.S. military veterans.

“We have a new bag design coming soon that matches our improved websites, so we were thinking of having a fire sale anyway to clear out the old bags,” Nelson said. “We decided it was the perfect opportunity to do our part and help veterans at a time when Washington D.C. seems focused on other issues.”

Prepper All-Naturals will donate 10% of revenue after expenses from sales that come in on promo code “veterans25.” The sale will last until their bags with the previous design are exhausted, though the giving will continue even after the fire sale ends.

As of the publication of this article, three charities for veterans are being considered to receive the donations.

“We’re vetting out a few charities to see which one will make the best use of our donation, but we didn’t want to delay collecting their funds, not even for a day,” Nelson said. “Millions of Americans are in crisis right now and veterans make up a large percentage of those in need.”

Our readers can take advantage of the 25% discount with promo code “veterans25” at Prepper All-Naturals. They’ll also know they’re helping veterans in need.