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It Took CNN Nearly 3,000-Words to Fact-Check Benedict Biden’s Economic Whoppers in ONE Speech

CNN has been allegedly attempting to shed its reputation of being radically left-biased. It hasn’t happened yet, but at least they’re trying to spread some of their criticism occasional onto Democrats.

With Joe Biden installed into the Oval Office, it isn’t hard to find things to criticize. That’s why a fact-checking article they posted Saturday was so easy to write despite the fact that it took them 2,848 words to go over all the flaws with ONE speech Biden delivered Thursday about the environment. There was no fluff; it really took that many words to fact-check him.

Unfortunately, their efforts to remain fair meant they included so “true” statements by Biden. And as is usual for CNN of yesterday and still today, they had to stretch to find some truths worth noting in their article. For example, they said the claim that unemployment rates for Black and Hispanic Americans are “near record lows” is “accurate.” However, they did not concede that unemployment rates have risen from where Donald Trump had them, so for CNN to tout this as a true statement when Biden was claiming it as a success of his presidency is disingenous.

There are some whoppers in here that are worth noting. Here’s my favorite:

Biden said, “Well, here’s the deal: I put a – we put a cap, and it’s now in effect – now in effect, as of January 1 – of $2,000 a year on prescription drug costs for seniors.”

Facts First: Biden’s claims that this cap is now in effect and that it came into effect on January 1 are false. The $2,000 annual cap contained in the Inflation Reduction Act that Biden signed last year – on Medicare Part D enrollees’ out-of-pocket spending on covered prescription drugs – takes effect in 2025. The maximum may be higher than $2,000 in subsequent years, since it is tied to Medicare Part D’s per capita costs.

Asked for comment, a White House official noted that other Inflation Reduction Act health care provisions that will save Americans money did indeed come into effect on January 1, 2023.

Hey, he was only a couple of years off, right? Surely that’s not as bad as his claim that there are 700,000 infrastructure projects happening when in reality it’s only around 7,000. What are a couple of zeroes between buddies, am I right?

Here’s a fact for CNN to check. The economy under the Biden-Harris regime is an absolute train wreck even with Democrats being in total control for the last two years. Or, as some would say, it’s a wreck BECAUSE they’ve had control. That’s probably more accurate.

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