It Isn’t Just Sleepy Joe and Cackling Kamala: Nancy Pelosi’s Response to Putin Question Shows Why He Doesn’t Fear Us

When Donald Trump was president, our nation exuded strength. We weren’t drawn into any wars. Our enemies didn’t threaten invasions. It was one of the most peaceful times on the planet in the modern era. Why? Because the world feared what a United States response to aggression would be under President Trump.

Unfortunately, we now have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris installed into the White House. Wars and rumors of wars are suddenly abundant. But even if the world is not concerned about the White House, they have even less to fear from a House of Representatives being led by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Her level of incompetence and lack of understanding about foreign affairs is equal to that of Harris, which is essentially zilch.

Vladimir Putin expects nothing of consequence from the United States military. He knows people like Biden, Harris, and Pelosi are as weak as they are ignorant. And responses like the one Pelosi gave yesterday does little to change his mind.

I would transcribe the video for those who would rather read than listen to it, but in this case I cannot. I’m pretty sure the act of typing Pelosi’s words would reduce my IQ irreparably. Watch the video if you dare.