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It Could Happen: Trump May Attend Closed Door House Meeting to Take the Gavel

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about American politics over the past few years, it’s that the extremely unlikely can become a firm reality very quickly. As strange as the idea of Speaker of the House Donald Trump might have seemed a couple of weeks ago, it’s now on the table and possibly in motion.

At least three members of the House — Marjorie Taylor Greene, Troy Nehls, and Anna Paulina Luna — have endorsed Trump for the role. Now, it appears Trump will be attending an all-important closed door meeting on Tuesday.

According to Rogan O’Handley:

It’s happening. President Trump will visit DC early next week to pitch himself to be Speaker of the House. Voters have wanted to see this for a long time and it may become a reality as early as next Wednesday.

Despite enthusiasm from many on social media, this isn’t a done deal. Currently, he’s “considering” it. But the fact that he’s even entertaining a formal visit is telling as it means this is more than just a passing fancy. He’s not just saying he’d take the role if asked. He’s considering actively pitching himself to the caucus.

According to The Post Millennial:

2024 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is reportedly considering a visit to Congress next week. A Republican familiar with internal discussions revealed to Politico that Trump is open to pitching himself as a candidate for House Speaker. The source said that Trump would speak to House GOP before the lawmakers’ internal speaker election, which is set to take place on Wednesday.

Every Speaker of the House to serve has been a member of Congress. However, the Constitution does not require it. This has been tradition but there’s nothing traditional about politics in America today.

On a personal note, I’d love to see this happen for two reasons. The obvious benefit would be knowing the House is being led by someone who will be far more transparent, bold, and incentivized than we’ve seen in at least decades. And by “incentivized” I mean there will be a fire under his rear to make things happen since this would obviously be a launching platform for his general election campaign for president. The days of feckless, say-much-but-do-nothing Republican majorities will be temporarily suspended.

The second reason I’d love to see this is because the experience will benefit him and America greatly if he becomes president again. I’ve always said the ideal president would be someone who was successful in the private sector BEFORE short stints in both legislature and executive government roles. Calvin Coolidge traversed that path and should be the inspiration for modern day conservatism, in my humble opinion.

This is all crazy, but it’s 2023 so we shouldn’t expect anything less.

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