Wisconsin Voter Fraud

It Begins: Leftists and RINOs Start Normalizing Election Result Delays Ahead of Voter Fraud Actions

For the last few weeks, I’ve been waiting to see who would be the first corporate media outlet to have a story on their frontpage about why we should expect delays in election results. Would it be the leftists or the RINOs in corporate media? I would have bet on the left, but I would have been wrong.

The Washington Times, which is comprised of mostly RINO-endorsers plus a handful of conservative and populist writers to maintain credibility, had as their top article today a piece telling us to expect delays because of close races and mail-in ballots. We can expect other RINO and leftist publications to follow suit.

According to the article:

Two years after prolonged ballot counting led to one of the most chaotic presidential elections in history, mail-in voting and other ballot processing issues may postpone the results in key races beyond Nov. 8 and perhaps delay determining which party will control the U.S. Senate.

The Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin Senate races are considered the closest Senate races in the nation, rated toss-ups by non-partisan race analysts. The elections in those states could result in razor-thin margins of victory. The closer the results are, the more that the increasing use of mail-in ballots may become key to determining a winner, and those could take time to tabulate beyond Election Day.

Hmm. Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are half of the states contested during the 2020 presidential elections, states in which America First patriots demanded investigations into what really went down on and after election night. In all four of these states, there was evidence of massive, widespread voter fraud that was aggressively buried by corporate media and rebuked by Deep State “investigators” like Bill Barr. That’s why it should come as no surprise that the left’s push to retain control of the Senate hinges on these states.

It should also come as no surprise that we’re being prepped with propaganda so most Americans will expect the delays that are necessary to fulfill voter fraud activities.

Contrary to what the biased and manipulated polls are saying, Wisconsin is a slam dunk for the GOP. Nevada with a heavy population of increasingly right-leaning Hispanics should go to Republicans. Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman should not even be a consideration for the Senate based on his radical ideology, and that’s before his recent stroke made it challenging for him to complete a sentence. As for Georgia, there are so many questionable components in the state’s voting system that it’s no wonder Democrat Raphael Warnock is likely to win. Some have speculated he actually lost in 2020 and is likely to lose in 2022, but once you take voter fraud into account, it seems possible he can steal his second election in as many years.

The results in 2020 caught many patriots flatfooted. We cannot allow that during the midterms. Residents in these four states need to participate in preventing voter fraud and calling out those who commit it.

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