Israel's Green Pass Expires on 'Fully Vaccinated,' a Harbinger of America's Expanded Medical Tyranny Future

Israel’s Green Pass Expires on ‘Fully Vaccinated,’ a Harbinger of America’s Expanded Medical Tyranny Future

No western nation took getting their population “fully vaccinated” more seriously than Israel. They blitzed their people with mandates and lockdowns more fervently than even the United States, Great Britain, or Australia in the earliest days of the vaccine era and broke the 80% level first. As a result, the fading efficacy of the vaccines, in particular the Pfizer jabs that account for the vast majority of injections in the Jewish state, have forced them to push for boosters.

Their Green Pass, the vaccine passport that allows citizens to enjoy the spoils of life while panning the unvaccinated, is changing tomorrow. They’re all expiring and Israelis must get them renewed by getting booster shots if they’re “fully vaccinated” already or by getting at least one jab if they have natural immunity.

According to Haaretz:

From Sunday, all Green Passes currently in use will expire and those eligible for new passes must get them reissued. In general, the new eligibility rules stipulate that those reissuing their Green Pass must have received their third jab of the coronavirus vaccine, or their second dose in the past 6 months. In some stickier situations, keep reading for information on the specifics.

As of Thursday, some 1.6 million Israelis who are entitled to receive the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine still have not done so, meaning they will be ineligible for the new green passport. The new Green Pass documents will include a digital signature, which business owners are supposed to scan before granting holders entry.

This is America’s future, but our current trajectory is even more draconian than Israel’s. At least Israel follows some of the science and is willing to acknowledge natural immunity as a “partial” reprieve from getting jabbed. Those who have recovered from Covid-19 in the last six months only have to get a single jab. But even they will be turned into the standard drone citizens who must get re-injected every six months once their natural immunity allegedly wears off.

Today, America is just in the early stages of forcing booster shots on the population, but as Covid-19 cases spike we know with a near certainty that our government will go down the same path of negating “fully vaccinated” status unless the people sign up for the ongoing booster shot regimen.

The vaccinated of today will not be considered the vaccinated of the future. Soon, even those who got their jabs will share the second-class citizen status that the unvaccinated currently carry. Will there finally be pushback from freedom-loving Americans who thought they could just get vaxxed and move on? The unvaccinated have been fighting this for months, but for the most part the vaccinated have sat on the sidelines enjoying their privilege. That privilege will be revoked. How many, if any, will switch to the anti-mandate side of the fence?

Image by Amos Ben Gershom / Government Press Office (Israel), CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons.