Israeli Military Finds USB Key with “Cyanide Dispersion Device” Instructions on Hamas Operative

Editor’s Note: As we learned very clearly with the WMD-narrative that launched the second Iraq War, it’s good to be skeptical whenever intel points to the use of banned weapons. This goes for both sides of any conflict; reports from Hamas indicate Israel is using banned phosphorus weapons in Gaza.

While it’s a best practice to question everything in the propaganda side of war, this particular piece of intel appears credible. What’s not noted in reports is that forensic analysis makes it very challenging to fake the source of data, such as those being reported on the USB storage device. It would be easier to infiltrate Hamas, upload chemical weapons plans onto a USB device from a computer in Gaza, and plant the device on a Hamas terrorist than it would be to fake the data after the fact. And while I wouldn’t dismiss any possibility, that scenario seems far-fetched compared to the likely reality that Hamas has plans to disperse cyanide in Israel. With that said, here’s the article generated from corporate media sources by Discern Reporter

The Israeli military has found a USB key with instructions for the production of a “cyanide dispersion device” on the body of a Hamas operative who participated in the Oct. 7 terrorist attack, according to two Israeli officials and a classified Israeli Foreign Ministry cable obtained by Axios.

It is unclear whether Hamas had a serious or operational plan for using makeshift chemical weapons or whether the group attempted to produce them.

Israeli Foreign Ministry’s weapons of mass destruction non-proliferation department sent a classified cable to Israeli embassies worldwide, including Washington, on Thursday under the headline: “Hamas intention of using chemical weapons.”

The authenticity of the Hamas file could not be independently confirmed by Axios, but Israeli officials have previously shared only authentic and reliable information with allies.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry in the cable instructed its diplomats to privately transfer the information to their host governments and not use it publicly in any way.

Israel has previously shared documents found on dead Hamas attackers since Oct. 7, including information revealing the group’s planning for attacking Israeli villages and military bases near the border. The classified information allegedly included operational plans with explicit orders to kill as many people as possible and take hostages.

The Hamas spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The Israeli Foreign Ministry declined to comment on the matter.

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