Isolated Cruise With 100 Fully Vaccinated People Onboard Get Hit With Covid Outbreak

Isolated Cruise With 100% “Fully Vaccinated” People Onboard Gets Hit With Covid Outbreak

If anything Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, and the minions of Big Pharma told us was true, there is no way a Norwegian Cruise Line ship could be having an outbreak of Covid-19. Every single person onboard the ship is “fully vaccinated,” meaning that if the vaccines worked a lick at stopping the spread of Covid, the ship should be the safest place on earth from the disease.

Instead, they’re experiencing a “major outbreak” of Covid-19 as vaxx-nannies scramble to suppress the story and control the narrative. According to eTurboNews:

Despite the requirement that all ship’s passengers and crew had to be vaccinated prior to boarding, 10 people have tested positive for COVID-19 on board the Norwegian Breakaway cruise liner.

The Norwegian Breakaway had departed New Orleans on November 28 and was scheduled to return there this weekend. On its route, the ship made a number of ports calls in Belize, Honduras, and Mexico, according to the Louisiana Department of Health.

More than 3,200 passengers and crew are believed to be on board the Norwegian Breakaway. Officials said in a statement that the cruise line “has been adhering to appropriate quarantine and isolation protocols as new cases and exposures have been identified.”

The primary goal of the powers-that-be is to get every man, woman, and child on earth vaccinated. One can argue that this seemed like a reasonable expectation a year ago before we had data showing the Covid-19 “vaccines” are completely ineffective at stopping the spread of the disease and pose serious health risks, including death, as adverse reactions. Today, there is no medical reason to mandate these experimental drugs because every single data point that comes in demonstrates the jabs are, at best, treatments and not preventative measures.

Unfortunately, neither science nor common sense have been able to penetrate the vaxx-nanny shields that have been erected around the collective cognitive skills of the masses. Far too many adherents of Pandemic Panic Theater have been brainwashed into believing the vaccines that offer zero protection against the disease must be mandated on everyone else to justify their poor decision.

This is no longer about safety. It’s about control. It always has been even if only a tiny portion of the population realizes it. This cruise line incident should be a clear indicator to anyone paying attention that the narrative and the agenda are built on lies. There is no problem with the data as it’s crystal clear. The problem is with the propaganda, gaslighting, and indoctrination that have lulled far too many into not paying attention at all.