Ken Paxton

Is This the Real Reason Texas Uniparty Swamp Members Are Targeting Ken Paxton?

Ask a Texan what Attorney General Ken Paxton did to be facing impeachment by the state legislature and they probably don’t know. Paxton has been a target of multiple manufactured scandals over the years; nothing has stuck thus far.

But that’s not stopping the RINO-led Texas House from holding impeachment hearings this weekend against him. All it will take is a simple majority vote. Republicans have an 85-64 majority, so just a 11 RINOs are needed to get rid of him.

Is this really over Paxton’s scandals or is there something more nefarious happening? Popular Twitter user TexasLindsay™ has a theory:

Why are they trying to impeach Texas Attorney General @KenPaxtonTX?

One month ago as reported by @mirandadevine in the NYPost, Paxton announced his new investigation into whether Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson misled Texans on the efficacy and safety of their vaccines and whether they manipulated clinical trial data. Paxton was also looking into whether the pharmaceutical giants engaged in gain-of-function research.

Less than one month after this story came out the House brought impeachment proceedings forward.

Big Pharma’s stranglehold over Washington DC is well-documented, but they have as much if not more influence over state legislators where most medical decisions are actually made.

Is Ken Paxton being targeted because he’s going after the big-dollar puppet masters of the Texas Uniparty Swamp? Big Pharma’s political tentacles are long, numerous, and covered up by lawmakers and corporate journalists.