Trump Grand Jury

Is the Implosion of the Georgia Election Probe Against Donald Trump Happening by Design?

The “Orange Man Bad” folks in corporate media are certainly singing a very different tune than the one they had expected to sing this past week. After all, this was supposed to be the week when they finally got him. This was supposed to be their golden opportunity to gleefully report on criminal charges against President Donald Trump.

Instead, most have been talking about grand jury foreman Emily Kohrs. Some have issued criticism against Judge Robert C.I. McBurney, who presided over the special grand jury. Still others are concerned that the investigating district attorney’s team working the case improperly. It’s all a mess.

Is this by design? Probably not. It’s probably just bad decisions made by multiple people. But I can’t help but think of a race I saw in junior high. One of the most popular boys in 5th grade, who prided himself on being an athlete, was challenged to a foot race by a girl. Half of the school was gathered during recess to witness the event. They raced from one tree to another; looking back I’d imagine it was about 50 yards.

The girl was starting to pull ahead halfway through the race and the boy tumbled. He got up limping. He said she’d tripped him. I was within 10 feet of the incident and watching intently. She was far enough ahead at that point that he couldn’t have touched her, let alone been tripped by her. He just didn’t want to face the shame of losing to a girl so he fell and pretended to be too injured to race again.

That’s the feeling I get from all of this. Again, I’m not saying it’s likely that this is happening, but it’s possible. Why did Emily Kohrs do a media tour and say the outrageous things she said? Why are the judge and prosecution making themselves look like a slapstick version of justice? Why is the media plopping their great victory in the memory hole so soon?

As Pam Key at Breitbart noted:

ABC News reporter Terry Moran said Sunday on “This Week” that the interview blitz of Fulton County grand jury foreman Emily Kohrs “damaged the investigation” of former President Donald Trump’s call to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

Martha Raddatz said, “The forewoman of the grand jury investigation of whether Donald Trump or others were interfering with the 2020 election, she’s now under fire after her media blitz this week. We are back with the round table, and Terry, you cover the courts for us. This interview may have been toe-curling, but did she really break any rules?”

Moran said, “Well, no formal rules because the judge said you can talk to reporters, and that is a grand juror’s right. Please, the judge said, don’t damage the investigation. That’s what she just did. She beclowned herself for one thing. She looked like a fool, like, somebody looking for their 15 minutes, and damaged the investigation because this is no way to run a popsicle stand, much less a grand jury investigation of the former president of the United States in one of the biggest Georgia cases in history. She created a nightmare for the prosecutor who may bring charges, for the judge who’s going to preside over any trials, and given a gift to all the defendants, Donald Trump, if he is indicted and others as well.”

Team Trump is handling it properly by NOT focusing so much on Kohrs and instead pointing at their potential future adversaries in the prosecution. Trump attorney Drew Findling went on Face the Nation to put the attention where they need it:

It’s legally imperative that Team Trump put the focus on their future adversaries because if charges are brought forward, Emily Kohrs will no longer be a factor at all. It behooves Trump’s legal team to highlight impropriety by the prosecution instead. As noted by Daniel Chaitin at Daily Wire:

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, a Democrat, may soon use the special grand jury’s findings to pursue charges by impaneling a separate, regular grand jury. After the special grand jury finished its months-long effort, which roped in 75 witnesses, Willis told a judge last month, “decisions are imminent.”

The special grand jury’s report remains mostly under seal, but Kohrs divulged how it recommends multiple indictments. She also said despite her desire to subpoena Trump, the panel did not do so because of considerations about limited time and resources.

Several legal experts warned the interviews given by Kohrs might create problems for prosecutors putting together any criminal cases.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney, who oversaw the special grand jury, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) that jurors cannot discuss their deliberations but are not prohibited from “talking about the fruit of their deliberations.”

Findling said Trump’s legal team has “no chagrin” toward Kohrs in particular but rather the appearance of a “relationship” between prosecuting attorneys and the members of this grand jury.

If those involved with the grand jury are trying to “trip and limp” away from this, some will want to know why they would do it. The answer is pretty straightforward. The powers-that-be need to be able to blame an unfortunate series of missteps and odd circumstances for not bringing charges forward against Trump. Otherwise, they’d have to admit they simply didn’t have enough evidence to prosecute and they will NEVER admit that.

There seems to be only two possibilities. Either everyone involved in the special grand jury is pretending to be incompetent as an excuse for not leveling charges against Trump, or they’re legitimately incompetent. Or both. It’s probably both.