Is it Wrong That Every Time I Watch This New Chevy Christmas Commercial, I Cry Like a Baby?

Chevrolet released a new commercial for the Christmas season a few days ago that leaves me an emotional wreck, sobbing like a baby, every time I watch it. Is that wrong?

Admittedly, I’m into classic cars — muscle cars from the 1960s to 1970, specifically — so the topic of the commercial is right up my alley. But Chevy managed to make it about so much more.

It’s about Christmas, of course, but also family, the love between a father and a daughter, about the loss of loved ones, small-town living, and classic American cars from a foregone era where times were simpler, cars were cooler and didn’t all look the same.

But it’s also about much more than that.

It’s about old cars being so much more than a piece of metal, shiny chrome — even on the dash —  cheap vinyl seats, huge steering wheels, obnoxious colors, and that testosterone-producing growl that only a good old-fashioned V-8 can bring.

It’s about the memories that were made in those cars, the PEOPLE with whom you shared those memories.

If you’re one of the unfortunates who hasn’t viewed this new Chevy Christmas commercial, entitled “Holiday Ride,” featuring an aging man who obviously lost his wife prematurely, then you’re missing something.

Every Christmas season, he walks out to an old barn on his property and places a Christmas wreath on the door. Inside is a barn filled with a blue 1966 Chevy Impala convertible that is so dusty it must have been sitting there for decades.

Upon approaching the car in the barn, the elderly man decides to sit in it again and immediately finds a picture of the love of his life, the woman who he surprised with this gem back in the day.

Tears flow.

While this was happening, his loving daughter, sees him going into the barn and gets an idea.

She heads into what looks like small-town America and connects with some old family friends who agree to sneak out the Impala and restore it as a surprise.

More tears flow.

The next time into the barn, the man opens the decrepit barn door to find the 1966 Impala convertible fully restored — brought back to its former glory. In tears, the dad approaches, gets inside, notices the keys in the car, and starts it up, hearing that incredible V-8 roar.

The tears turn to joy.

The Ram commercial released during the 2013 Super Bowl, called “Farmer,” conjured up some pretty strong emotions, but they were totally different.

For all you car lovers out there, or even if you’re not into cars, watch the Chevy commercial above and see if it does for you what it does for me.