Seth Rich

Is It Really Happening? Judge Orders FBI to Turn Over Evidence About the Hit on Former DNC Staffer Seth Rich

A federal judge has ordered the government and law enforcement to disclose to the court information about suspected DNC leaker Seth Rich’s murder. The release is to include Rich’s laptops, DVD, and the tape drive associated with the case.

Before this order, information that has been provided about the case through Freedom of Information Act requests has been heavily redacted and offered little with which independent investigators and journalists could use. It is known that he had the means, motive, and intel necessary to be the anonymous leaker.

Ever since a former Democrat National Committee employee was mysteriously murdered in Washington DC, theories about the so-called “robbery gone bad” have revolved around the belief that Rich was leaking sensitive emails to DCLeaks and Wikileaks in June and July 2016. Rich was murdered with two shots to the back in the DC area in July of that year.

These theories have been thoroughly “debunked” in an extremely coordinated effort by the UniParty Swamp, corporate media, “fact” checkers, and law enforcement. But the circumstances surrounding the “robbery” that resulted in nothing apparently being stolen and indications that Rich was in contact with multiple leak organizations has kept the conspiracy theories alive.

It’s conspicuous that Hillary Clinton was the candidate at the time.

Will we finally learn at least part of the truth about Seth Rich’s murder? Will he be definitively identified as the leaker? Will those involved in the coverup, from government to law enforcement to complicit journalists, be exposed for their wrongdoing? We will find out in the next couple of weeks.

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