Is Commiefornia Actually a Red State Plagued by Massive, Widespread Voter Fraud for Decades?

By all corporate media accounts, California is a deep blue state. The evidence of this is that the state legislature and governorship have been completely controlled by Democrats for decades. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the last “Republican” to hold a major office in the state, and his status as a Republican is quite questionable.

But what if it’s not true? What if California and possibly other deep blue states are actually red, but have been havens for massive, widespread voter fraud schemes for decades? It may sound far-fetched to some, but many of us who live here are quite convinced this is the case.

Sure, there are unambiguously leftist hubs like the San Francisco Bay area, but considering the deep levels of angst and constant general hatred for government by the people of California, is there really a majority of Democrats here or have we all been conned?

Political analyst Greg Rubini recently posted a Twitter thread explaining why he believes California is actually a red state. Generally, I break out the text of the Tweets in a thread to make it easier to read for those who do not have access to Twitter, but this thread is exceptionally long so I’m keeping it in its native state…