European Central Bank

Is a Bank “Bail-In” Imminent?

Rumors have been spreading about the possibility of a bank “bail-in” maneuver being utilized since mid-2021. As the central banks and government economic advisors warned each other behind closed doors about the possibility for economic collapse, many started making plans for what some felt was an inevitable need for a bank “bail-in.”

Bail-ins allow banks to convert debt into equity to increase their capital requirements. They shift the risk to unsecured creditors, including depositors whose account balances exceed the FDIC limit of $250,000. In other words, they steal your money.

Plans are emerging from European central banks, as detailed by Greg Reese at Infowars:

I did a brief segment on my show today about this. The key takeaway for anyone with over $250,000 in any one account: Diversify. Spread your money out as best you can. Use multiple banks. Even better, put it into non-bank accounts. Get physical precious metals or other items of sustained value and secure it at your home. Don’t let them steal your money because if we stay on the current trajectory, bank bail-ins are almost certain.

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