Patrick McHenry

Interim Speaker Patrick McHenry’s Angry Outburst Over McCarthy Ousting Shows the Problem With the Feckless GOP

Congressman Patrick McHenry, the man who is reluctantly interim Speaker of the House, slammed down the gavel with unnecessary force when he declared the chamber in recess. He’s angry because his friend, Kevin McCarthy, was ousted by a small group of conservative Representatives and the entire Democrat caucus.

As Collin Rugg from Trending Politics noted, this is an unusual outburst from McHenry:

Interim Speaker Patrick McHenry aggressively slams the gavel as he and 200+ other Republicans fume over Kevin McCarthy’s ousting.

Where was this anger as millions of migrants poured over the southern border?

Where was this anger as US debt rises over $33T?

Where was this anger when the FBI rounded up Trump supporters and threw them in prison?

Where is this anger as the “justice” system tries to take out Biden’s top opponent in 2024?

They sit back and do nothing as our country burns but fume when their buddy loses his Speaker role.

Patrick McHenry and the rest of the UniParty Swamp majority within the Republican caucus are angrier about Kevin McCarthy getting ousted than tens of millions of Americans being crushed by manufactured inflation.

They’re angrier about their buddy being demoted than the ongoing lies surrounding Covid-19, lockdowns, or the vaccines.

They’re angrier about McCarthy getting called out for breaking his promises than for Joe Biden not getting called out for selling influence to foreign nations.

They’re angrier with Matt Gaetz than with Alejandro Mayorkas, Christopher Wray, Antony Blinken, or Pete Buttigieg.

They’re angrier about the caucus being divided than they are about the people of East Palestine suffering because they have failed to act on their behalf.

They’re angrier that Gaetz used Democrats to remove a RINO than they were about that RINO using Democrats to pass his continuing resolution.

Most of all, they’re angrier about McCarthy being held accountable than they are about the entirety of the Biden-Harris regime NOT being held accountable.

Imagine if Patrick McHenry’s passion for serving the people he represents came close to matching his passion for protecting the Swamp’s status quo. We might actually see some good coming out of DC in that unlikely scenario.