Climate Change Terrorists

Insurrection! Climate Change Terrorists Block DC Rush Hour Traffic and the National Guard Is Nowhere in Sight

Anyone who has suffered through rush hour traffic in Washington DC knows even the slightest traffic incident can cause hours of delay. This prevents emergency first responders from saving lives and keeps our dear leaders from getting to work. While some may see the latter as a positive, it’s still an act of insurrection against our government when purposeful actions are taken to halt their fulfillment of duties.

Considering the hyperventilating congressional Democrats experience every time there’s a “right-wing” protest in DC, it’s conspicuous that they did not call in the National Guard when climate change “activists” decided to halt DC traffic this morning. This was a planned event, and with so many climate change darlings like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Capitol Hill, it’s improbable that they were caught off guard by the demonstration.

Nevertheless, the protests have been going on unabated this morning.

Did Nancy Pelosi’s beloved Capitol Police put an end to the progress-halting display? No. They helped the “activists” instead. They blocked the roads with their climate justice brethren, likely on orders from radical Mayor Muriel Bowser, and sent morning commuters the long way around.

Images and videos from the event show it’s widespread across the city. And as one might imagine, every narrative is silly and every “activist” is unhinged.

With Pandemic Panic Theater starting to lose its power, climate change fearmongers are seizing on the opportunity to fill the gap with their equally ludicrous narrative. Climate Hysteria is a disease that is immune to logic or science. Unfortunately, you can’t cure stupid.