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Instagram Instaban: RFK Jr Campaign Accounts Suspended for Six Months as Soon as They’re Created

The banhammer drops in real time for those committing wrongthink. Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr learned that the hard way when his campaign’s new Instagram account got taken out before it had time to post anything.

Interesting… when we use our TeamKennedy email address to set up @instagram accounts we get an automatic 180-day ban. Can anyone guess why that’s happening?

Kennedy reported this on Twitter, noting that Elon Musk had allowed his previously banned account back on the platform. He then noted how undemocratic it was for Instagram to censor him.

To silence a major political candidate is profoundly undemocratic. Social media is the modern equivalent of the town square. How can democracy function if only some candidates have access to it?

Democrat or Republican, big candidate or small, accounts on social media “platforms” that have not engaged in illegal actions should never be banned. In fact, nobody’s account on these “platforms” that are given the blanket of government protection should get banned for legal speech. If these “platforms” decide they want to limit speech, they need to have their government protections immediately removed.