Insecure Little Tyrant Jay Inslee Grants Himself Extra-Constitutional Powers to Push Vaxx-Mandates through 2024

Insecure Little Tyrant Jay Inslee Grants Himself Extra-Constitutional Powers to Push Vaxx-Mandates through 2024

Since the beginning of his reign of terror in Washington, Governor Jay Inslee has demonstrated an insatiable appetite for power. He wields it like a budding Hitler acolyte, constantly using power he acquires to acquire more power. His latest move is one that keeps him on course to creating an executive branch dictatorship in the state to keep his power rising for as long as possible.

According to MyNorthwest:

Gov. Jay Inslee has given himself extra-constitutional “emergency” powers for 19 months. Now it looks like he is planning to extend those powers for nearly three more years. A state job posting shared with The Dori Monson Show shows that Inslee and the state are planning to push the vaccine until summer of 2024.

The job for a “vaccine coordinator” pays up to $72,000/year – and “This project position is currently funded through June 30th, 2024.”

So if you are hopeful there is an end in sight, it looks like that is not the plan. I’m sure our vaccine coordinator will be making sure everyone has gotten their boosters — and then our second, third, and fourth boosters. We’ll get to carry our medical records for years to get into restaurants and gyms.

If unvaccinated, you’ll get further marginalized and shunned for years. And for Jay Inslee, he’ll no doubt get to extend his emergency powers for at least three more years — almost to the end of his third and final term as governor.

How convenient. When a governor has given himself unprecedented power over our lives, that must be very intoxicating. For Jay Inslee, it looks like that control over our jabs and jobs doesn’t have an end in sight.

Those of us who believe the “Plandemic” was designed to extend well beyond 2021 will look at this and take from it the obvious conclusion: Pandemic Panic Theater is here to stay unless the people band together to stop it. The variants will continue to get “worse” and the need for future “vaccines” and “boosters” will become so commonplace, millions will accept their new normal of permanent government dependency for their healthcare needs.

This is The Great Reset in microcosm materializing for the people of Washington state. The radical leftists are using the popularity of the “vaccines” to promote their nefarious agenda.

Image by Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.