Sharyl Attkisson

Informant for Disgraced US Atty. Rod Rosenstein Outed by Sharyl Attkisson — One Week Later He Died

Corruption in our government knows no boundaries. They do what they want and when they get caught they do whatever it takes to cover it up. They silence people who can harm them by any means necessary, and it’s not just the Clinton Crime Family doing the deeds.

Independent journalist Sharyl Attkisson has been on a quest to expose the massive illegal spy operations against U.S. citizens, including her. She had a breakthrough in her case when she exposed an informant for U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein, an agent who admitted spying on her computer. A week after releasing the information, that informant was dead.

According to her Tweet:

I wish I were making this up. In my ongoing lawsuit over the govt. spying on my computers, I submitted this document to the court. It proved that one agent who admitted spying on me (and many others) had, indeed, worked as an informant for US Atty. Rod Rosenstein, as he’d claimed.

About a week later, the informant was reported dead. Which of course means he can’t provide more details of the operation. And the historic clerk’s default I received against him in my lawsuit– the first known such decision in a case of govt. spying on a journalist–pretty much will go nowhere.

As journalist Emerald Robinson asked, “What are the odds?”

Apparently, the odds are pretty good that if you can expose government corruption and put the wrong people in the hot seat of justice, you could be taken out. Anyone with information that can be used against the powerful needs to watch their six because in our post-truth society, nobody is safe.

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