‘Inconvenient Facts’ About January 6

Today may be the day after January 6, but the battle for the freedom of the political prisoners currently being persecuted as well as the for the truth to be widely acknowledged continues. Every single day needs more attention paid to help those being harmed by the government’s false narratives and judicial tyranny.

Independent journalist Kyle Becker put together a list of facts regarding January 6, 2021, that are “inconvenient” for the regime and their lapdog media:

  1. Donald Trump said on January 6 to ‘remain peaceful’ and ‘go home’ within hours of the riots
  2. Donald Trump said within hours of the 2020 election certification that he would step down and he did
  3. The Commander-in-Chief did not use the military in any way on J6
  4. The president did not send in unarmed extremists to “overturn the election” results, since there is no mechanism for a riot to overturn election results
  5. The overwhelming majority of the J6 defendants were charged with non-violent crimes & misdemeanors
  6. The J6 protesters did not kill a single person during the riots
  7. Donald Trump wanted 10,000 National Guard troops at the Capitol, but D.C. Mayor Bowser, Pentagon & Speaker Pelosi refused to call them up
  8. The FBI tracked extremists intending to go to the Capitol on J6 for months prior to the riots unconstitutionally using NSA technology
  9. Court documents show there were dozens of undercover officers at the Capitol Riots, despite there being light security
  10. Capitol Police officers were caught on video opening doors, removing barriers, and acting cordially with protesters inside the capitol building
  11. There were undercover MPD officers caught on video encouraging Trump supporters to ‘go to the capitol’
  12. The narrative that Donald Trump would “incite” a riot had been set as early as May 2020, according to the infamous Time ‘shadow cabal’ article
  13. The Transition Integrity Project wargamed out the 2020 election in the prior summer and in 3 of 4 scenarios ended in an “insurrection”
  14. The Congress was evacuated originally over the RNC & DNC pipe bomb threats, not the riots
  15. The pipe bomber has not been apprehended despite the FBI knowing the license plate & cell phone data of the suspect
  16. Nancy Pelosi’s own daughter documented her saying as the Capitol Riots started “I’ve been waiting for this”
  17. Nancy Pelosi’s staff was in communication with Secret Service on January 6
  18. The Secret Service texts from January 6 have gone “missing”
  19. The J6 partisan committee has buried tens of thousands of hours of public surveillance videos, including footage exonerating January 6 defendants

As long as corporate media has a stranglehold on what “normies” view as truth, we will continue to live in a post-truth society. Becker’s list, if it can spread, will go a long way to waking people from their mockingbird slumber.