. . . In Light of Economic Events, Here’s a Mini-Crash Course (No Pun Intended) on Physical Precious Metals and IRAs

Bankers are panicking. Central bankers, on the other hand, are not. Why? Because they’ve spent the last 6-9 months buying up as much gold and silver as they can to protect themselves from what they apparently knew was going to happen to the U.S. banking system.

If we set aside HOW they knew (for now), we have to wonder why they’re doing it. One look at recent gold and silver prices compared to other forms of investments is all one needs to do. Unfortunately, the powers-that-be tend to manipulate prices of precious metals to suit their needs. When they need prices to go down because of some piece of legislation they want to pass, prices go down. After the legislation passes, prices go back up.

It’s like “magic.”

The good news for those who are considering precious metals today is that with the central bankers buying up gold, they won’t allow the powers-that-be to drop the value too low. That should NOT be construed as financial advice since I am not a financial advisor. It’s just my gut feeling as your friendly neighborhood conspiracy theorist who has a healthy distrust of the globalist elite cabal.

With that said, it’s conspicuous that many nations, including China, are also buying up as much gold as they can. Even U.S. states are starting to get in on the action. Tennessee recently unanimously passed two bills empowering the State Treasurer to invest state funds in physical gold and silver.

The bills call for “physical gold and precious metal purchased under these acts to be custodied by the state treasurer in a state depository, and maintained in a vault within the state depository’s banking facilities in accordance with accepted industry standards for secure storage, and within the geographical boundaries of Tennessee.”

This will sound familiar to those who have looked into self-directed precious metals IRAs.

The Liberty Daily wholeheartedly recommends our gold guy, Ira Bershatsky, to handle these types of transactions or to make large cash purchases of physical precious metals shipped to your home. The reason is simple, and it goes beyond the fact that it benefits The Liberty Daily. Unlike the VAST MAJORITY of precious metals companies out there, Ira deals only with bullion. He does not try to “upsell” people into “special” or numismatic coins. These “limited edition” coins are what back most self-directed precious metals IRAs in the country for a reason. The gold companies generally make a killing on them.

Ira deals in bullion. It’s just more honest.

That’s not to say there are no benefits to numismatics. They tend to have a higher sale value than bullion. Unfortunately, most American precious metals companies sell them for three times or higher of the spot price of the precious metals that make them. Unless things go back to normal in the future, it’s not a good move. Paying double the spot price is reasonable because of their inherently higher value, but most of Ira’s competitors charge far more than that.

This is why they often offer gimmicks like $10,000 in “free” silver. They can do that on transactions of $100,000 or more because they bake in much more in profits into their sales price. Trust me when I say that whatever excuse they’re making for offering $10,000 in “free” silver, the truth is you’re overpaying by way more than that.

If you want to BUY $10,000 or more in precious metals and have it discreetly shipped to your door, Ira’s your guy. If you want to roll over an existing retirement account into a self-directed physical precious metals IRA, then Ira’s still your guy. If you do go with one of the numismatic dealers, just be sure you’re not paying $60 or more for a one ounce silver coin. That’s just not right. Those wanting collectable coins with potential for appreciation to back their retirement accounts should consider Genesis.