Fani Willis

In Georgia, President Trump and the 18 Defendants Can and Should SUE Fani Willis For “Malicious Prosecution”

With the 4th indictment against President Trump in motion, legal minds and wannabe attorneys across the land are speculating about his defense. But Chanel Rion from One America News noted that it may be time for Trump and the other 18 defendants to go on the offensive against malicious prosecution by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

HERE IT IS. GA code allows Trump and the 18 defendants to SUE @FaniforDA for Malicious Prosecution and Abusive Litigation.

Georgia allows lawsuits against prosecutors and members of law enforcement who are accused of false arrents, false imprisonment, abusive litigation, and malicious prosecution. Judging by everything we know about Willis and the case she put before the grand jury, it seems quite obvious that this Soros-backed DA has had her sights on Trump since long before she manufactured a case against him.

According to Justia:

A criminal prosecution which is carried on maliciously and without any probable cause and which causes damage to the person prosecuted shall give him a cause of action.

The key to all of this is the timing. All the Trump defense has to demonstrate is that Willis and the state targeted Trump at this specific time to upend his presidential campaign just ahead of primary season. Even if the case drags out through 2024, it appears to be perfect political persecution rather than an attempt to deliver justice, especially considering the nature of the so-called “crime.”

If the Trump team and those representing the other defendants jump on this soon, it seems very possible that they can be prepared to not only win the case, but deliver real consequences to the corrupt District Attorney.

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