In Case You Still Think Tim Scott Isn’t a RINO, His Latest Endorsement Proves Otherwise

When Senator Tim Scott hit the scene, there was a ton of excitement surrounding him. Some even looked at possible presidential aspirations because of his charisma, intelligence, and what seemed in the beginning to be conservative values. But in recent years, he has veered more and more to the murky middle, attacking Donald Trump and other America First patriots in ways that have disenfranchised his once-strong base of supporters.

Still, some have maintained hope that he would someday return to his conservative roots and participate in America First politics in some form or fashion. Those notions should be completely disregarded now that he has officially sacrificed the remnants of his credibility on the altar of the Uniparty Swamp.

He endorsed Lisa Murkowski to defeat her Trump-backed America First primary opponent, Kelly Tshibaka.

Like many Tea Party favorites of the past, Tim Scott has either come clean with his original RINO leanings or he has been compromised by the Uniparty Swamp. Either way, he needs his conservative and America First credentials immediately revoked.