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In 23 Words, Elon Musk Defines the Battle of Our Lifetimes

It is not hyperbole to state the loss of free speech in America would be the end of society as we know it. It’s the linchpin that keeps tyranny from engulfing the world. If it is removed, all of the wheels come flying off.

Elon Musk has been fighting to maintain digital free speech since before he purchased Twitter. Even those of us who are concerned about his other interests such as transhumanism and artificial intelligence must admit that his free speech fight is worthwhile. While the vast majority of billionaires are busy spreading globalism, increasing their riches, or both, Musk seems uniquely poised to take on our enemies with his financial power.

His latest declaration on Twitter is spot on and encapsulates the importance of free speech in America in 23 words:

This is a battle for the future of civilization. If free speech is lost even in America, tyranny is all that lies ahead.

Free speech is more than just an avenue of expression. It allows accountability that isn’t unique to the United States. This is why the Chinese Communist Party and other entities desperately police speech and do whatever they can to subvert it as a freedom in the United States. It’s also why their proxies among American leftists are so adamant to oppose Musk in his quest.

As biologist Colin Wright noted on Twitter:


The massive immune response we are seeing from Left-wing media and Big Tech to @elonmusk’s commitment to free speech on Twitter should frighten you. It has revealed their rabid obsession for complete narrative control. This is a battle they cannot be allowed to win.

Like Musk, Wright is 100% correct.

Suppressing legal speech is tantamount to quashing the foundation of all rights. No freedoms can be protected if speech is filtered through ideological lenses that only benefit tyrants. This is why opponents of free speech are the world’s most dangerous villains.

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