Imagine if Trump Referred to a Black Man as a 'Negro' the Way Biden Just Did

Imagine if President Trump Referred to a Black Man as a ‘Negro’ the Way Biden Just Did

Joe Biden is the paragon of “wokeness” that Democrats wanted. He defeated a sea of contenders for the Democratic nomination for president, including several persons of color. He then allegedly received more votes than anyone in American history.

On top of all of that, Joe Biden is a blatant racist. He has demonstrated this many times throughout his five decades in Washington DC and continues to let his racism shine through today. Here’s the latest example, and while some will say it was just one of Biden’s famous gaffes, notice how easily it rolls off his tongue. It was the clearest thing he said – twice – in the entire speech.

For those who may be Biden’s age, it’s generally not considered acceptable to refer to Black people – or anyone else – as a “negro.” The antiquated word is an aspect of the racist history the radical left loves to claim is still alive today. They are right. The alleged President of the United States embodies that racism well.

Predictably, nobody in mainstream media is saying a word. They are treating it like it never happened. Imagine, for a moment, what they would have said if Donald Trump said the exact same words. They’d be calling for a third impeachment.