This weekend I made a run for the border. Having been endorsed for my run for Congress, NC-10, by the Truckers for the Constitution, Bikers for America, a retired ICE agent, J6 prisoners, and other Patriot Americans, it was important to me to be boots on the ground for the convoy supporting Texas, as well as eyes on the wall and the influx of invaders. It’s also very imperative for anyone wishing to serve in Congress to see this madness for themselves.

I’m Brooke McGowan and I’m a lifelong conservative grassroots activist running to represent the good people of North Carolina. District 10 consists of five counties, mostly rural with a few exceptions, and nice-sized cities, newly drawn by the NCGA. We are a red district and hope to keep it that way.

My astonishment was accelerated this weekend by witnessing in person the flow of dozens of people from many countries; Brazil, Columbia, Peru, and Cuba in this particular crowd early Saturday morning.

We interviewed several of them, those who would talk to us, and their stories seemed magnificent and horrifying. The only family group we found among the 50 or 60 migrants there claimed they had walked the entire way from Columbia, through the very dangerous Darian Gap, and found their way to Yuma AZ gate 6W in Trump’s big beautiful wall.

It was almost impossible to believe as we looked onto what must’ve been an 80-year-old woman who could barely walk, several children wearing clean shoes, and teenage girls with perfectly and lavishly manicured fingernails.

Our security detail suggested that they likely had been transported by the cartels rather than their story of coming on foot. But they won’t say as much. They did admit to being invited to America but also wouldn’t divulge who had invited them here.

Outside of the 10-12 children with a few women there were mostly men in this group of 50-60 people. Mostly younger men, to middle-aged men claiming they were heading to Boston, Florida, and North Carolina to meet up “with family.”

Of note, two sisters claimed they were from Cuba and headed to meet up with their mother in Florida. We wondered if they’d seen a map before. As they likely traveled by plane to Mexico City and then up to the Yuma gate delivered by the cartels. One was visibly pregnant, said she was 21, but looked about 14, and was arm in arm with her 14-year-old sister.

If true, these stories are harrowing. We can almost assuredly determine the USA-sponsored NGOs are behind this mass migration, which feeds the multi-billion dollar cartel trafficking industry, sex trade, drug smuggling, and all sorts of crimes into the USA. Indirectly funded by you, the American taxpayer.

The demographic shift following these three to four years of invasion will be colossal. Once the cities allow these new “citizens” to vote, which many already are, the congressional district allocation as well as electoral college will shift, all by design to stop conservatives and Republicans from ever holding high office again.

What to do?

First- Congress must DEFUND the NGOs who participate in this brutal non-humanitarian coordination!

Examine the waste and immediately dry up the well that is hellbent on supplying our very destruction. That they haven’t already done this is sending us one message: Republicans who control the House want this to continue. They are often beholden to PACs, corporations, and chamber groups who desire more immigration, to hell with what Americans want.

So I’ve come to one conclusion. No matter your party affiliation, if you stand with this invasion, if you stand with those who stand with this invasion, if you don’t use your agency to stop this invasion, you are now an enemy to America, and as such you are now my enemy.

That brings us to my opponents.

I’m trailing third behind two very heavily financed politicians who have a lot of money in their war chest. One ran in a different district last cycle and claims that he injected $500K of his own money to run in 2022. When you take a look deeper, his arms company took over $300K in forgiven Covid PPP funds and also $500K in state grants back in 2018. NC Economic Development likely sourced his 2018 influx, but the point is a lot of taxpayer’s money has made its way into his pockets. Further, his arms company has provided contracts to Ukraine, and I hold that the Ukraine debacle is a laundering scheme to enrich the Bidens and many others. If nothing else, isn’t a defense contractor as a congressman a conflict of interest? Think Military Industrial Complex. Think Dick Cheney.

He has also been endorsed by the Trump-hating Koch Brothers PAC known as AFP. They clearly want open borders, as they’ve said publicly for years. It’s under debate what his personal position is on amnesty, as he denies ever saying he was for it, but the affiliation with AFP now speaks for itself.

My other opponent, a current NCGA representative from my county, possesses the very agency he hasn’t utilized to stop the tide of invaders into North Carolina. As a member of the super-majority Republican House, they have had opportunities for years to investigate and defund the NGOs that are bringing illegals into our state, and building settlement centers even now in cities spread across North Carolina. But they didn’t.  They are complicit.

After I called out the NCGA (for doing nothing so far) on January 25 at a county women’s group, which he was in attendance, the next morning he produced an “I stand with Texas” meme. And now claims he “supports Texas” by signing a paper tiger letter, along with other NC Republicans, to the leftist communist Governor Roy Cooper. Yet, he won’t call the House into session for a resolution for actual support for Texas. Basically, it’s empty words and lies that they can do nothing else. They are the General Assembly, they hold a supermajority. Don’t let them lie to you trying to convince you they are powerless. What they are is busy running for reelection or higher office.

None of them will take the lead on this because the speaker of the House is also running for Congress and they take their orders from him. Should any of them buck that system, they would have a whole year to deal with no committees or other punitive measures from Speaker Tim Moore. You see, George Carlin was on the money when he said it’s one big club, and we ain’t in it! (Expletives intentionally withheld)

Also this opponent, it’s been claimed, has been financially supported by his father-in-law’s car dealership, who took $4.8 million of forgiven Covid PPP money.

Which begs the obvious question: are both my opponents funding their runs against each other and me on the taxpayers’ dime?

Indirectly this could be true.

I haven’t taken any taxpayer money. You know why- it’s YOUR money!

Whatever you wish to give to each campaign should be by your own decision, not from state or federal taxation. It really is that simple. I’m also not beholden to any PACs or their scheme to keep our borders open (AFP). I also would never accept an endorsement from anyone (Foxx) who didn’t vote to impeach Mayorkas! The very reason we have to deal with this invasion issue!

I’m eager to get to Congress to root out this kind of backroom dealing, corruption, establishment placating, as well as duplication of NGOs and federal agencies. It really is a swamp, and I don’t own any waders.

Send me to DC, unless you want more of the same. I have no ulterior motive, no business to expand or get rich from the American taxpayer. I’m the only one who’s going there for the sole purpose of fighting back for you!