Illinois Reports 77.7% of Its Covid DEATHS Last Week Were “Vaccinated”

The “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated” narrative continues to crumble under the weight of facts. All of the data coming in indicates that those “fully vaccinated” against Covid-19 are just as likely to contract, get hospitalized, and die from the disease as the unvaccinated. Yet the push for anti-science mandates continues unabated with few lawmakers, nobody in mainstream media, and only a handful of brave medical professionals speaking out against them.

The latest hit to the narrative comes out of Illinois where the numbers seem to indicate the Covid jabs aren’t just ineffective, but those who have been injected may be MORE susceptible to the disease, particularly the rising variants. As Steve Deace from The Blaze noted on Twitter:

77.7% is an astounding number by itself, but when we consider the Mayo Clinic‘s numbers indicate 54.4% of Illinois’ population is fully vaccinated, it’s easy to see why nobody in corporate media is touching this story. They are beholden to Big Pharma’s agenda, just like most in our government, Big Tech, academia, and the healthcare industry.

It is long past time for the raw data and actual science to prevail. The powers-that-be are suppressing the truth and too few Americans are standing up to disseminate it. Here’s a perfect opportunity to offer a tidbit of education to those you reach.